1017 Pacific Hwy, Pymble

1017 Pacific Hwy, Pymble

Proposed 18 Units Apartment
Construction Cost: 4.3Mil
Project Year: 2018
Construction Certificate
Construction Documentataion

We took over the detailing, design and development of this project, which brought with it a various issues that required both intelligent and creative problem solving from the Dreamscapes team.  This was a project-fix.

We came in after the design stage to provide construction certification for the next stages of the development.


Multi-level ground floor accessibility

Our first hurdle was to achieve approval for wheelchair access at the two access points of the building but, due to the layout of the building levels, the initial design simply couldn’t accommodate that.  We needed to find a way to make the accessibility work on a sloping footpath at one end and to ensure the ramp worked where the lift landed at the other.  It took some lateral thinking and a great deal of work to reach a place where the access could function properly.


Electrical supply to multiple floorplans

There were also historic issues regarding the electrical supply to the building.  And, to make matters more complicated, the floor plan changes with each storey of the building.  At first it looked like a subsystem would be the only solution, but the cost proved too much.  There was no allowance for a gas exhaust so that was ruled out too. We finally resolved the situation with a solution that even the engineers hadn’t thought of.


Creative problem-solving results in next stage approval

We applied for an increase in the height of the lift shaft, which allowed us to create more volume in the upper level under the roof.  The council are now happy and  approval through the land and environmental court is going through.

The excavation, stabilisation and basement level are now complete.  We are now preparing for the next stage when we will be going out to tender with suppliers and builders.