O’Connell St, Caddens

O’Connell St, Caddens
  • 1200 Units + 300 Townhouses
  • Construction Value: 42,000+
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Planning Proposal
  • Development Application


With no council planning or zoning for the land at O’Connell Street, Caddens, there were no constrains on what could be proposed by the architects at Dreamscapes.


The land, which is predominantly farmland with no facilities or existing buildings, is flanked by educational establishments to the North and South.  This left an area of 2-3 hectares to the West, which was the ideal position for a town centre. For this mixed-use area, we proposed retail and commercial properties within the lower levels of the buildings, and residential above. To the East, we planned an additional residential area with two and three-storey townhouses.


The typography of the land posed some initial challenges during early concepts due to the flooding issues, engineering problems and bush fire hazards – each of which required great consideration and creative application.


In the lower areas, we recommended managing the ground water by creating landscaping for the residents with the planting of timber to create woodland. The highest points of the land sit in the North-West, making that area ideal for residential properties that could enjoy views of the woodland reservation park below.


The typography has informed much of the overall plan and architecture.  The building design and layout throughout the town follow the terrain, whilst the roads lead to the university and connect the North and South.  This has created a green spine throughout the site.


Since submitting the Master Plan, a train station has been proposed close to the university, which may necessitate the need for further amendments.