1-5 Speed St, Liverpool

1-5 Speed St, Liverpool

Address – 1-5 Speed St Liverpool

Project Year – Current

As part of Liverpool City Council’s strategic response to the recent and future growth of the Greater South West region, the zoning within its CBD area is changing to allow for mixed-use development.  This will have a social impact on the area and promote a more vibrant after-hours culture.

With great proximity to the train station, 1-5 Speed Street is perfectly located for a mixed-used development that delivers landmark design with public benefit.

As the plans show, the size and unusual footprint of the available land (and the heritage house next door) dictated an irregular-shaped building with two residential towers of differing heights, both facing different urban conditions.

To the North, we took the proposed height of the tallest part of the building to 29 storeys, which put the development height to just under the restriction for air traffic.

To the South, next to the heritage house, we designed a two-storey podium with a green wall on the façade to respect and complement the heritage strategy.

The northern tower takes on a sleek and distinctly high-rise form, whilst the south tower faces a medium rise residential area with a lower rise, broken into volumes, to respect the lower density of the area.

The towers house 191 residential dwellings over 29 floors, with a variety of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, and the podium contains 8 residential dwellings, 7 commercial units (including office units, restaurants and cafés), a childcare centre, gym, medical centre and rooftop garden at level 27.

As the river runs right across the East of the site, the architects at Dreamscapes designed each of the top-level apartments with a water view.  By removing the top two levels to the South West, they were also able to create public areas with river views.

Due to the zig-zag footprint of the land, a standard rectangular building would have restricted ventilation to the apartments, and solar access during the winter months.  By designing the two towers at various heights, the designers were able to provide excellent solar that now exceeds requirements.

The development, which is now approved, is a gateway site from the major suburb and will become a landmark building in the revitalisation of the area.

  • Our Scope of Works:  Master Plan & Development Application
  • Project Type: Mixed Use, 200 Units Apartment + Commercial
  • Project Year:   2016
  • Site Area:     1890 ㎡
  • Project GFA :     18850㎡